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Dock Levelers -

Our dock levelers include edge of dock, Electric Hydraulic dock levelers, Mechanical and Automatic dock levelers.

Dock levelers are a convenient way of getting access to trucks for loading and unloading. Without dock levelers, a dock board is required for access, and this item needs to be transported and deployed per use. The benefit of a dock leveler is that it remains with the dock and is used simply when a truck arrives at your dock.

The automatic dock leveler is activated by a truck backing up into it. This physical action forces a ramp to raise then deploy into the truck, eliminating all labor to access the truck. The electrical unit requires an operator to hit a button and hold it until the dock leveler is deployed, and the mechanical unit required a bit of muscle work to pull a chain that deploys the leveler.

Alternatives to levelers include dock boards and dock plates. These are perfectly fine items , but do require labor and equipment to use. In the case of dock boards , they tend to weigh over 300 pounds , so clearly can not be lifted by hand. Typically dockboards are transported by forklift , and stored in an 'out of the way' location against an empty wall or in a pallet rack.

Additional items to order for your loading dock include stabilizing jacks, wheel chocks, receiving desks, dock shelters and all storage and handling equipment. Dock levelers are certainly an important part of your material handling system. We'd like you to know that our expertise not only covers your dock, but goes to your shelving and rack requirements, conveyors, work benches, overhead lifting and forklift adapters. We have a trained and highly qualified staff ready to address and meet your requirements.

Dock Bumpers - Consider the fact that a 45 foot trailer can carry 45,000 pounds plus the weight of the truck itself. Consider the impact offered to your building if all that momentum is absorbed by your building walls. A dock bumper allows the momentum to be absorbed as the bumpers compress, rather than the shock stoppage of the building wall directly.

We sell various types of dock bumpers that should be used as part of your integrated loading dock equipment system. Included in our dock bumper offering are laminated horizontal , laminated vertical, extruded and metal plated dock bumpers.

The decision to order dock bumpers is to save your walls and expensive loading dock equipment.

We have some items that integrate dock bumpers to dock boards. Consider the convenience of a dock leveler that deploys automatically when a truck impacts the dock bumpers built onto the dock leveler. With this item , you will not need to have your people wasting time deploying heavy dock boards. The truck itself launches the leveler to action. Just make sure the truck has been secured with wheel chocks or better yet use our automatic trailer lock device and unload your truck safety.

Why concern yourself with a safe an efficient loading dock ? The answer is simple. Good practice starts at the loading dock and carries through to every part of your operation. Consider the company that neglects to use dock bumpers. In this company , an experienced receiver will know the management does not value the building , as trucks will ruin an unprotected dock. We are ready to help with any dock equipment needs you have.


Dock Seals - provide an effective barrier against the elements, keeping loading docks safe and efficient. Dock seals and dock shelters ensure loading safety, reduced energy loss, product protection and security. Dock seals feature foam filled pads that compress up against the trailer or truck bed to create a weather tight seal. Types of dock seals available include fixed header dock seals, curtain header dock seals, and adjustable header dock seals; Dock shelters include rail dock shelters, flexible dock shelters and rigid dock shelters. We have several models of dock seals, including fixed head pad dock seals, inflatable dock seals, adjustable header dock seals, and head member dock seals. Dock shelters and dock seals protect loaded goods from adverse weather conditions and also save energy costs by minimising heat loss. In addition to this, they prevent drafts that could result in worker absences due to illness. When combined with a dock leveller, dock shelters and seals mean that complex canopies and ramp assemblies are not required.


Loading Dock Boards -

Dock boards are very important to the overall safety of your loading dock. A Dock board is constructed of Aluminum or Steel, and most importantly has a curb – either bolt on or welded. The curb is very significant. A Forklift weighs thousands of pounds and therefore has significant momentum as it moves. If a lift truck veers of an uncurbed dock plate, disaster can ensue. Over 100 lives were lost in the US in 1997 due to forklift accidents. A few hundred dollars can save a life.

The function of steel truck dock boards is fairly obvious. The Dock board bridges the gap between the end of you dock and the truck that you are loading or unloading. Drop the dock board in place, then you can safety load and unload the truck. However, there is one very important step to implement before deploying any dock boards. Many accidents happen when a trucker pulls away from a dock thinking the loading or unloading is done, but there is still a forklift operator in the truck.

The least expensive solution to this problem is using wheel chocks. When a truck's wheels are chocked, it can not move. An operator controlled stop light is another. The best solution is a mechanized truck bar grabber.

There are some issues to keep in mind in ordering a dock board. Is this a hand truck application? If so, you should save money and order a dock plate. What is your capacity including the forklift. Lowest capacity is 6,000 pounds, and the heaviest duty standard board will have a capacity of 20,000 pounds. 30,000 pound capacity and more is available by special order. Do you prefer Aluminum or Steel? Do you want lifting loops for easier positioning by forklift? Finally, what is you maximum height differential below and above the dock? Dock boards are designed with fixed leg lengths and a lip.

Dock Lights - Shed some light on the situation! Our loading dock lights can help prevent accidents and damaged merchandise, plus improve safety and security, and increase the productivity of any loading dock environment.

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